Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thrift Store Bargains!

I love shopping at The Foundry, a thrift store in the area. Not only do I find neat things, they do great charity work. I take my donations there too.

I found an awesome Websters, 2nd Edition Dictionary. It's HUGE but has great character. Especially in a time where kids barely know what one is! It was a little pricey at $9.88 but I love it!

I found 2 Coach bags (vintage). I say vintage because they are the 'old' style without the Cs on them. I prefer those to the new bags. The reason why they cost so much and were so coveted was the thickness and quality of the leather. The small one was $3.88 and the teeny one was $1.98. You can't beat that!

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jamie said...

woah! look at the size of that dictionary. what a great find. love the purses too, i'm in love with my 2 coaches(one big enough for coupons and sales papers, the other tiney and cute)
love your blog-keep up the good work!

Twisted Lisa said...

Thanks Jamie....you are sweet. I'm glad you liked it!