Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm still alive!

I am pleased to announce that I do NOT have armpit cancer. It appears that I MAY have a staph infection that could have been started with my Intuition razor (which was a bargain by the way). Makes me wonder if shaving under your arms is over rated.

BUT, I got a day off work! I am not supposed to get it wet so sweating on a hot bus with no air conditioning is totally out of the question!!! I rented 4 movies and I am going to 'batcave' today. My next post will be a tribute to my 'Bat Cave'.

My BFF told me that she didn't add me to her blog list because her laptop battery died. I guess I have to believe her because I know that she has been having issues with that. BUT, I did happen to notice that I am LAST....

"Hey Terri, since I am not dying of armpit cancer does that mean I have to clean out my own fridge this weekend?"

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Terri said...

Yes. And I"m going out of town. If you can bust thru the two watchdogs, feel free to come clean mine. But you have to clean the livingroom also.