Saturday, August 16, 2008

Logan's Roadhouse Act II

My house phone rang this afternoon, which is weird because the Boys are not here this weekend. I didn't recognize the name but I felt compelled to answer.

me : Hello?
Voice : Hey Lisa
me : Hi...
Voice : I see you visited the restaurant.

AHHHHHH, now I recognize the name! The regional manager for Logan's.

He said that he was thinking about me today and decided to pay a visit to my Blog. I told him it must have been a "stirring in the Force." And I thought I was the only one who read it!

I felt bad...really bad...I am not's just kinda funny, though not to him and not to Logan's.

He is really a nice guy in a tough position, not being able to be at all locations at all times. He told me that he has been calling the location and randomly asking "are you out of anything?" And so far, so good.

Then WE went to Logan's.

It's like the battle that we are fighting with the local school system. Let's keep doing what we are doing because it works (or seems to). Legitimacy despite failure. It takes a strong person to demand change because most people resist change.

"Change is good, you go first."

He won't let me break the cycle. He is sending me some more coupons...and yes, I will use them. So let's call this Logan's Act II since it won't be The End.
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Terri said...

Okay, give the certificates to some lucky blogger as a prize. let them eat for free.

And for the FOURTH time, go to Outback.

Twisted Lisa said...

I hear ya!

Anonymous said...

just wondering which logans you go to mine down the street has never let me down

Anonymous said...

do you really have nothing better to do? i read your other "blogs" and all i see is you searching for things to complain about that may seem to make you feel better about your sorry life. i am sorry that all you have to think about is coupons and thinking you can do everyone's job better than they can. get over it. do something that will better this place, or your life.

Twisted Lisa said...

Gosh, you spent 41 minutes and 50 seconds reading my posts and that's all you got out of my blog? Yes, I expect people to at least do the job they were hired to do, COMPETENTLY.
Could I do a better job? Probably. I have been a cashier a few times in this lifetime, did I know my company's policies?
You betcha.

Maybe I need to move to New Albany, Indiana where there is nothing better to do at midnight on a Tuesday night than tell people what a sorry life they have.

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