Sunday, November 23, 2008

Alcohol 911 part 2

So the day after the Alcohol 911 phone call, I was out running some errands and I got a text message.

Them "Are you in my neighborhood?" (my errands actually did place me in her area of town)
Me: "Yes, what do you need?"
Them: "If you bring me some orange juice, I will PAY YOU!"
Me: "I'm on my way."
Orange juice and vodka was decided on as the elixir for the crud They had...hey, it's got Vitamin C right?

You would think that this would be the end of the story....

I get a string of text messages later that night:

"I love my big TV"

"I'm at a John Mayer concert."

"I'm in the second row!"

"Look, Me at the the concert!"

*Face blacked out to protect the inebriated, They actually gave me permission to post these pics but I'm sure it didn't seem like such a good idea in the morning....

Maybe alcohol isn't good for you when you are out of your mind sick!!!

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Wayne John said...

Rock on Lisa, rock on. I had second row for David Gilmour and was pics thank god.