Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hello, my name is Twisted Lisa and I like to burn things

We had some trees cut down in the back yard so we could put the pool in.

One dude who came to grind the stumps up asked us if we wanted him to haul away the cut up pine trees, for the SAME price we paid to have them cut down! No thanks!

Me: "nah, we plan on burning it."
Billy Bob: "Mamaam, you don't want to burn that, dem ders pine trees."
Me: "we aren't going to burn them in the fireplace, we are going to burn them outside in the Chiminea."
Billy Bob: "you don't want to burn pine, it smokes."
Me: "yeah, smoke is good, it keep the bugs away."
Billy Bob: "you don't want that."
Me: "yeah, I think I do."

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Wayne John said...

It creates smoke? Hmm...never would have known that. Ever try to burn Ikea pine furniture? It doesn't.

I had this dinette set one time...

Legal Diva said...

Odd, we had some timber cut on some of our land and the loggers left the extra pieces. We've been burning it and I know some if its pine- it doesn't seem to smoke any more than anything else.

I think he just wanted to make his own fires...