Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I can finally blog about this.

I took the phrase, "bad hair day" to a whole new level.

I took the advice of the guy who cut my hair and did a little playing around with my hair color. Please read this blog post if you are confused about how an idiot like me can get professional hair color without a license.

I told him that my hair color kept coming out too dark so he told me to take the color that I want and a color two shades lighter and mix them together.

Easy enough right?


First, for some reason my hair revolted and the ends stayed black. The top of the other hair was another color.

I dried it and colored it AGAIN...which made it worse.

With my hair up (cause with the ends black I kinda did a comb over thing) I went to the grocery store to get some Nice and Easy. Turned out to be Nice and Nothing, it DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!

SO my hair was orange on top, black on the ends. I figured I would give my hair a rest on Saturday and if Auburn happened to win I would keep my Orange hair....Ha Ha scrap that. We still suck.

Monday, this was my plan for the day...


Use Color Oops (yes you read that right, there is a haircolor removal product called Color Oops) to remove the color in my hair. 30 minutes.

Read Twilight


Dry Hair

Use Colorsilk (4th color application in 4 days) 30 minutes.

Read Twilight


Dry Hair

Run my fingers through mousy brown hair....ahhhhh it feels good to be plain again. Only my hands are all dry and cracked from 3 showers in one day.

Read Twilight (thinking that I need to be preparing for Equity with The Evil One but can't seem to.)

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i am feathermaye said...

It's a wonder you have any hair left at all!!

I stopped coloring years ago when every product on the market resulted in 2 inch blisters on my scalp.

Somehow I still think I had it easier than what you just went through.

Deranged Princess said...

~laughs~ I've been through this nightmare before - glad to see you got your color back!

Legal Diva said...

Oh I have known your pain. And my hair is super long, and thick, and curly...

I suck it up now and pay $120 every 4 or 5 months and let a real professional do it. It eases my mind, and I sorely need that right now.

And you are reading twilight?!?! You should be studying for your exams!!! :) I know, I know, everyone needs a break sometimes.

Lidian said...

I have had some bad luck with hair color too though nothing to match yours..I did once have my children comment that I had a purple head though. And it was not a compliment!

Now I use a semi-permanent color that is EXACTLY like my own dark ash blonde (just to hide a teeny bit of grey), which is boring but reassuring.

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

I'm OK with the actual color of the dye--it's just that I get it all over the bathroom walls and floors. In the long run, it'd probably be cheaper if I paid a professional to do it.

Legal Diva said...

LOL- bransci. I like your rendition of what the trolls meant- perhaps it is a good sign.

Or maybe they think I need more bran in my diet...

btw- I did get my property course grade- and it was a 95! {imagine me doing a very happy dance}