Sunday, November 2, 2008

Home Alone

Mr. Twisted is away on business tonight. In Phoenix of all places, the same city where MCCain just gave his concession speech.

I have a few fond memories of my childhood, all seem to have something to do with food. One such memory is my father going out of town and our whole grain, no sugar, no junk food, no fast food, diet going out of the window.

And out the window it did go.

I remember when Honey Nut Cheerios came out! It was the only sugary cereal we were allowed to eat. Cheerios, Grapenuts (rocks with milk) and Shredded Wheat were the only cereals in our house. I just skipped breakfast. I was 5'9 and 118 lbs. I was never in danger of being overweight...*sigh* the good 'ol days.

So when Dad went out of town, Mom took us to the store and we bought candy bars, potato chips, and anything else that stuck our fancy. But there was one caveat, it had to be gone by the time the business trip was way or the other (stuffed in our face or stuffed in the garbage).

It's not exactly the same in the Twisted House tonight. But I will say one thing, there will be NO COOKING til maybe Sunday! WOOO HOOO!

Tuesday Night - Eat Out
Wednesday Night - Halloween Candy
Thursday - Pizza
Friday - Fast Food
Saturday - Hot Dogs in Jordan Hare Stadium

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Legal Diva said...

Our civpro professor gave us a drafting assignment- ungraded, turn it in you pass. Don't and you fail. And then he didn't even bother to make comments and return it so we have no clue whether its decent or not.

I had a professor last year from Harvard and he was possibly the nicest man you'll ever meet. He was a generous grader and really wanted us to learn.

I guess you win some and lose some.

Jodi said...

Sounds like my kind of menu.

You should do Chinese on take out night. I heart Chinese food.

Maybe a little too much.