Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chestnuts roasting on an open......hey, that's not a chestnut!

Yes, my friends...that is a WATERMELON.

Not just any watermelon...I bought this baby for the July 4th weekend.

We forgot to eat it.

It made itself at home on my kitchen counter and for some reason, we all forgot it was there.

Labor day weekend was upon us and I made a mental note..EAT WATERMELON.

And we forgot again...

You think that it may be rotten or smushy, but it's as firm as the day I bought it.

It's seedless so I don't think there are any seeds in it sprouting roots (how do they do that anyway?)

So what should we do with it? You decide the fate!

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Wayne John said...

I'd pop a bottle of vodka in a hole, invite my friends over and let them eat it.

I wouldn't touch the darn thing... said...

Recently we went to a friend's house and they sliced and grilled a watermelon. Wasn't bad. But that's not what you should do with this one.

What you should do with this watermelon is take it over to Huntsville and give it NASA, so that they can launch it into the sun before the alien spawn within hatches...

Heather said...

I had the *same, exact* thought as wayne john there - pour a bottle of vodka in and that'll kill any botulism bugs that might be lurking.


You're lucky - anything perishable in my house that goes similarly undiscovered would invariably be reduced to a reeking mass of goo had it escaped detection and consumption that long!

muffy jorn said...

Pack it with explosives. Blow it up at midnight. Hide in house when police arrive.