Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I am pulling out of the Target parking lot when my cell phone rings. It's Mr. Twisted.

Mr. Twisted: "What are you up to?"
Me: "No good, is that why you are calling?"
Mr. Twisted: "Yeah there was a stirring in the Force."
Me: "Yeah yeah, I know, with every swipe of a credit card an Angel loses it's wings."
Mr. Twisted: "I hope it's groceries."
Me: "Yeah, there are groceries."
Mr. Twisted: "What else?"
Me: "Christmas presents."
Mr. Twisted: *sigh*

Here is where the talent comes in.

There are two things Mr. Twisted likes almost as much as Alabama Football, these are:

1. Saving Money
2. Getting Rid of Stuff.

The rest of the conversation:

Me: "I got The Youngest Boy and The Girl each a (*******)." I'll fill this in after Christmas in case they are lying and really DO read my blog.
Mr. Twisted: MMMMhmmmm.
Me: "They were only $40 each and they are $250 on" (See, you list the price of the place who charges the most for it.)
Mr. Twisted: "Nice"
Me: "And we can get rid of at least 5 (********) we have around the house." (seriously, you can email me if you want to know)
Mr. Twisted: "Great!! Let's get rid of them now!"

And there you have it...

Twisted Shopping 101.

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Paul Sullivan said...

Please, never, ever have a conversation with my wife! She doesn't need any ideas!

Bon Don said...

Oh that sounds so familiar! *giggle*

I always feel so guilty when I shop... So I throw out "price differences" when I tell the Hubby what I scored on.

It doesn't help me really.

Legal Diva said...

I need gift ideas... anything that I can buy one of and throw out 5 other things is good stuff... email it to me, we may need one!

And my own evil one- postponer of final exams- gave us a 26 page 50 short essay question exam.... each short essay was worth 2 points... we had 3.5 hours.... my hand may be permanently crippled