Sunday, November 2, 2008

Daylight Savings

What is it anyway? We don't really save anything, you can only get a certain number of daylight hours in a day, who cares what it says on the clock?

It's a huge experiment probably dreamed up by some crafty aliens...can't you see them up there? "Hey let's see what happens if we change the clocks...oooh, they all do the same thing only one hour off!" Like little Lemmings.

I don't mind it in the Summer, but there are more Daylight hours in the Summer.

Now instead of it being dark when I get up in the morning, it's going to be dark when I go to class at night. It's hard enough to go to class makes it super hard when it's cold and you would rather be snuggling with Mr. Twisted and drinking a Cosmo.

That brings me to the smoke alarms.

When Mr. Twisted and I went to El Paso, the Oldest Boy came home for the weekend. He spent the night here one night alone. When I realized this (7 am before our 10am flight) I ran to the store to buy some batteries for the smoke alarms. I know what you are saying but you can't ever STOP being a MOM!

I knew that the batteries hadn't been changed since Mr. Twisted and I got married, 2 YEARS AGO!

I bought 2 batteries. I didn't realize there were 3 alarms. Oh well. They are all wired together so it should be okay, right?

Mr. Twisted changed the one on the top floor.

Mr. Twisted changed the one on the middle floor. All the while complaining praising me for thinking about this detail at the last minute when we were rushing to get to the airport and it was pouring down rain outside.

He puts the stepladder up and we hear "chirp". Okay that's good, they work...

Grabbing stuff, throwing stuff in my bag (I had all my clothes packed but my computer stuff? Geez, I have to check the blogs in the morning, right?)

A few minutes later "Chirp"

Mr. Twisted looks at me, "Is that the smoke alarm?"
Me: "Uh Yeah"
Mr. Twisted: "They were working fine til you made me mess with them!"
Me: "Only if by 'working' you mean...DEAD."

Mr. Twisted then gets the stepladder out again and plays with the detector still bitching complimenting me on my intuitive nature.


Mr. Twisted: "We don't have TIME for this!"

Keep in mind, we have a 25 minute drive to the airport, our flight leaves at 10:30 and it's 8:15. I am now understanding why it didn't go off the last time I burned something in the kitchen. (A.D.D and cooking sometimes don't mix)

He puts the old dead working battery back in and says, "There."

And we leave. Fortunately, there was no fire while we were gone.

A few days later,


Mr. Twisted: "Is that the smoke alarm in the basement?"
Me: "uh yeah"
Mr Twisted "sigh, we are OUT of batteries" and this is all your fault. we could have just died in a fire like normal people who don't change the batteries in their smoke detectors.

So I go to the store and buy 2 more 9 volt batteries. I come home and the cats are freaking out because they can't find the bird that has taken residence in the Bat Cave and taunts them every 5 minutes with a "chirp".

I replace the dead working battery on the main level and then replace the battery in the basement. And all is right with the world.

This morning:

Mr. Twisted: "Time to set the clocks back."
Me: "Do you think we should change the batteries in the smoke detectors?"

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Jodi said...

I hate that chirping sound myself. I will admit it...My smoke detector is sitting on my bureau waiting for a new battery.

But my carbon monoxide one is OK...does that count?

Heather said...

I'm so, so happy that our smoke detectors are all hard-wired and NO batteries required.

Kiddo had fire safety week at kindergarten two weeks ago, and part of her homework that week was to count how many working smoke detectors we have in the house. Kiddo was mucho excited to learn that we have more than anyone else (when the house was built 9 years ago, the builders went a wee bit crazy with the smoke detectors - we have one in every room except the bathrooms...). That just made me extra glad we don't have to change batteries in any of them! :D

(Of course if the power ever goes out and we have a fire, we'll be quite crispy... but still, no batteries!)

Legal Diva said...

I like your new layout... and the house looked awesomely scary. SO crafty! I'm jealous, but I know my limits- my halloween decorations would still be out at christmas...

sweet! the WV trolls gave me flatta- gee thanks trolls, I knew my stomach was looking flatta... ;)

bejewell said...

Our hallway smoke detector is the loudest, most obnoxious alarm you have ever heard in your life.

I am a terrible cook.

Those two facts may seem to be unrelated, but really, they're not.

We finally disconnected the detector. Now we just live on the edge.