Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's that time again....

Exams are upon us...yes, those are my slippers, house shoes, whatever you want to call them depending on where you are from. And Yes, I wore them to class. I'm not going to worry much about it until I start wearing my snoopy pj pants.

By December 11th I will have bitten all my fingernails off and turned into a real bitch. *snarl*

You want food? Is there a Legitimate Governmental Interest in you eating? I think not.

You want clean underwear? There is no Equal Protection regarding underwear...dirty underwear wearers are not a protected class!

Somebody tell that new pesky neighborhood cat that I did NOT grant him an easement to cross my property....STOP IT...or shall I say ESTOPPEL?

So...this is an advance warning....

Finals make me mean....and not very fashionable.

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Jodi said...

OMG LISA! What brand are those slippers??? I have been looking for bootie slippers forever! All I can find our Daniel Green ones. Did you get them online or from a store??? Thanks in advance.


red_queen said...

I am so jealous! I never get a chance to be very comfortable for class since I have to come straight from work. I want to wear my moose shoes!


Bon Don said...

Good Luck on finals!

Legal Diva said...

I wore my slippers, house shoes, whatever to class just a few short weeks ago. I totally forgot I had them on when I walked out. Oh well... I think they help.

Focus. Concentration. Comfort.

Good luck!!! Don't ESTOPP IT!