Saturday, November 8, 2008

War Eagle! (finally)

We Won! Homecoming! WHEW! Cause everyone knows we were worried.

It was great fun on the Plains yesterday! We stayed at the Mistletoe Bough B&B and drove over to Auburn for the game. The innkeepers were so nice and we will definitely be staying there again!

You couldn't have asked the Weather Gods for better weather for the game. It was perfect football weather.

And finally, there was a use for toilet paper in Auburn!

Joking people!.....kinda.

I thought it would be funny to take a pic of Mr. Twisted at the game. He told me to destroy all the evidence. So here is a pic cause I listen...and all. I blacked his face out. See the headphones? He is also wearing an Alabama shirt under his jacket. It makes me feel like the enemy is among us and we didn't have a clue!

We left at halftime since the Oldest Boy would not be on the field for the halftime show (homecoming) and because I wanted Mr. Twisted to see the rest of the Alabama LSU game which turned into a real nail-biter.

We landed at the Skybar Cafe, which was a little misleading since they only served alcohol and after dark, pizza.

It's a true, college town, dive. And look what was written on the wall in the girls bathroom.

They are everywhere!


Travis Erwin said...

I'm always glad to see bathroom graffiti as it seems to be a dying form of expression.

Legal Diva said...

My husband was beside himself for the Alabama game. Now he is getting all righteous because they are 10-0 and #1. I went to a small college in IN, we make it to the Sweet 16 in basketball and life is good. This BCS SEC Alabama football junk is foreign to me, but I play along... :)

Get back to studying!