Sunday, August 31, 2008

we are currently experiencing technical difficulties

I have to take a break to bend my 6'4" son over my knee and spank him for hacking into my BLOG!!!!!

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too big for his britches

I have no idea what packet sniffers are but he hijacked my BLOG!

>>> Eh, more like found it on the ground; it was just kinda sitting there....

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Actually, I'm already here... >.>

I win the prize.


Conversation between me and the Oldest Boy:

Oldest: Hey, that balloon is still there!
Me: Yeah, I know, I blogged about it.
Oldest: (eyes roll)
Me: Do you read my blog at Auburn? Someone from Auburn reads my blog like every day.
Oldest: I NEVER read your blog.
Me: (Sniff) If YOU had a blog...I would read IT.
Oldest: (the look)

You know the look...the one where he wonders if he's adopted.

Pic of the Oldest Boy. So you can see why I can't subscribe to Happy Hour Sue's Joe Jonas fantasy. I think he looks a lot like Joe but he is already 18.

Hey Happy Hour Sue...hands off!

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It's sunday morning...

and I am thinking about an earlier post when I called Paula Dean the Devil.

She made a Krispy Kreme burger.

I think that Satan has invaded my body on this Sunday morning...

What if.....?

You took a Krispy Kreme...

and a Sausage Patty...

and a Fried Egg...

and Sliced Bacon...

and another Krispy Kreme...?


I need an exorcism.

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War Eagle!

The Oldest Boy is coming home from Auburn today. It's the first time he has been back since Aug 7th. It's really strange not having him around.

I would like to believe that he is coming home to visit with me cause he misses me...I think I will tell myself that. But I know the truth in my heart...he needs a wireless card for his computer and he is probably out of food. There will probably be scads of laundry to be done too.

But hey, I will take whatever I can get!

I can't wait to hear about the game last night. His first appearance in the Auburn Band in front of 87,000 people! I bet it was incredible!


His graduation balloon is still hanging around. I sometimes expect to come in and see little flecks of balloon falling off to expose a mylar skeleton!

Oooh, I see that nasty wallpaper border in the picture. Remembering that I have paint in the basement that I got with my $10 off $25 Lowe's coupon. I'll get right on that!

See those three wine thingys hanging over the window? The last one on the right was the one I was hanging when the chair broke, (I didn't think those little rung things on the bottom were THAT important!) and crushed my heel. Now looking back at it, me just sticking the rungs back in the holes without gluing them when they fell out was NOT the smartest thing I ever did. The BatFoot has a plate and 9 screws in it.

Here is my public service announcement for the Holiday Weekend. Always use a step ladder. I have one on every level of the house now.

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

House Divided

This post was inspired by Susan, Terri's sister.

I moved to Alabama when I was 12. There is no other state like it when it comes to football. It's one of the first things the other kids ask you.

kid, "Who ya for?"
me, "Ummm, for what?"
kid, "Alabama or Auburn" While looking at me like I was in the 'special' class.
me, "Kentucky"
kid, "Huh?"

And it went on from there. It didn't take long to see and understand the Football Dynamic of the state of Alabama at the time. Think back to 1980. Alabama beat Penn State in 1979 with the "Goal Line Stand" and it was Bear Bryant's last National Championship.

Alabama fans were TURDS. So I chose....


I was the only one in my family to choose Auburn. My parents and sister always have to do what the Joneses they picked the no-brainer... Alabama.

I have always been one to pick the underdog. As the red-headed step-child, I have always sympathized with the with those trampled on.

In the 80's I can't think of anyone more trampled on in Alabama than Auburn.

My sister ended up going to Auburn. I remember her leaving for school saying that she would always be for Alabama. What a dork. She is now an Auburn alum...and a fan. I love it when I'm right.

War Eagle.

I have never had much luck when it came to guys and football. Meaning, I would like a guy then find out he was a (gulp) Tennessee fan. No WAY Jose! But I did always seem to end up with an Alabama Fan.

I started my college experience at Montevallo, which had no football team. But lots of Baseball Players...
So I stayed an Auburn fan second to Kentucky (My parents wouldn't LET me got to Kentucky, I still have the acceptance letter and the bitter taste in my mouth!)

My first husband...Alabama Fan. I humored him...
He had his Alabama junk even though he didn't GO there. He tried to influence the boys but they didn't really care one way or the other.

Th Oldest Boy scored a 33 on the ACT, a 35 in Math. He wants to study Engineering. He got a scholarship to............AUBURN. Yes, it only paid tuition and fees. (He was offered a full ride at Alabama but exactly WHAT kind of Engineering program does Alabama have??? Rest my case.)

Poetic Justice, Karma...gotta love it.

Hubby is also an Alabama fan. What makes us compatible is that he graduated from UAB as did I in 2005. We have that in common. Go Blazers!

So my advice to Susan...just sit back, quietly...let Auburn work it's magic!

War Eagle!!!

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Oooooh, I want this!

Okay, my next acquisition for the BatCave will be this ComfySac

Can you imagine?? OOooooh, gives me chills. When the weather starts turning cold and I can come in from driving my bus in the morning and snuggle in this thing with my favorite Blanket. Could it get any better??
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Paula Dean is the Devil

My friend Terri (she has been knocked down from BFF cause she won't play nicely on the blogground) asked me where food comes from. I don't know if she was talking about MY food for sustenance in the BatCave or just food in general.

Here is my take on it. God gave us food. The Devil gave us Paula Dean. The woman fries butter. BUTTER. You can count on every recipe to have at LEAST a stick of butter in it.

Have you seen her Krispy Kreme Burger? OMG! It has Satan written all over it. She herself says that she is going to be arrested!

Take a Krispy Kreme doughnut, add a beef patty, a fried egg, slices of bacon and top it off with another doughnut. Only the Devil could inspire such madness!

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Bat Cave

Some of you might be wondering, "What is this Bat Cave that Twisted Lisa keeps referring to?"

I am a tech addict. My favorite smell in the entire world is a piece of brand new electronics. Have you ever smelled it? Up close? Go ahead...try it! It's so much better than New Car, I wish they made a perfume.

I decided to buy a projector for our basement. Well, it was originally basement, somehow I have taken over the space of the garage. Only one side though. Who needs to park their car inside anyway, when you can BAT CAVE?

We made an 8x6 ft. screen that I designed. So the screen is 110 inches (diagonal). I have a DVR, Dvd player (with surround sound) and a computer hooked up to the projector.

I bought some Blackout fabric from Wal-Mart and covered the garage door windows. I first used black garbage bags but that was not classy. We had a speaker come and talk to us at school about identifying drug users and he said that if you saw a house with black garbage bags over the garage door windows, it was a Meth Lab. I had no idea...I thought they were Bat Caves, like mine!

When the world turns against me...I retreat. There is no outside world in the Bat Cave. My cell phone rings but I don't answer. When I emerge, I have messages like, "Are we Batcaving today?" and "Holy Smoke Bat Girl, you won't believe what just happened!"

Today, I have retreated to the Bat Cave, injured. Time to heal in the cool darkness. The cats rally around me, the Bat Cats, whose eyes are turning white due to the lack of light in here. Not really, but they do squint a lot when you open the outside door.

SO... Here it is!

Ahhhh! The screen is 8 feet long. Widescreen DVD.

Regular TV. I hate Hurricane Season.

Lights on...not so good. Luckily, that is rare. Behind the brown fabric is important Secret Bat Stuff (Christmas and Halloween decorations). You can see the Ablounger and the Gazelle, used for important Bat Girl exercising (hahahahahaha)

Sophisticated Video Surveillance (to monitor the driveway so that when Hubby comes home I can jump up and pretend to be doing something useful!)

BatCat1 loves the smell of electronics too!

BatCat2 snoozing in the Papasan chair.

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Twisted Sister Award

I made my very own award for blogs that make me laugh. This means....they are probably a little twisted themselves!

That's me on the left and Terri on the right. She is the inaugural recipient of my award!


Pass this award on to 6 Blogs that make you laugh!
Link back to the award giver and link back to this post.

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I'm still alive!

I am pleased to announce that I do NOT have armpit cancer. It appears that I MAY have a staph infection that could have been started with my Intuition razor (which was a bargain by the way). Makes me wonder if shaving under your arms is over rated.

BUT, I got a day off work! I am not supposed to get it wet so sweating on a hot bus with no air conditioning is totally out of the question!!! I rented 4 movies and I am going to 'batcave' today. My next post will be a tribute to my 'Bat Cave'.

My BFF told me that she didn't add me to her blog list because her laptop battery died. I guess I have to believe her because I know that she has been having issues with that. BUT, I did happen to notice that I am LAST....

"Hey Terri, since I am not dying of armpit cancer does that mean I have to clean out my own fridge this weekend?"

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bloggy Betrayal

I felt an uneasiness when I woke up this morning. Something was not right (in addition to my armpit cancer which is now up to 5 painful knots and counting).

I never check blogs at 6:15am but I had a feeling I needed to check on my Real Life BFF and see what she was up to.

WTF??? She added a new Blog LIST!?!?!

"My Bloggy BFFs"

Guess WHO is not on there????

And her list is up to THREE!

Which is why I am not linking to it now. HA!

All this on top of having to find out that she was giving away OPI Nailpolish for Voting for McMommy Blog from her sister's Blog.

Et tu Bloggy Brute?

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Voicemails between me and my BFF today.

Me: I have armpit cancer. click

Her: You do? How long do you have to live? click

Me: Judging by the rapid growth, one lump yesterday, two today....about three days. click

Her: So are you getting your affairs in order? click

Me: Yeah, if I die sooner than Saturday will you make sure my fridge is cleaned out? click

Her: Sure. click

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This semester has started off swimmingly. (yep, here is that sarcasm again)

First night (Equity)...I get stuck behind a garbage truck on an impassable road at 6:00pm! I get to class and didn't have time to use the restroom first so now my bladder is twice the size it used to be. I also left my ID at home.

Second night (Constitutional Law I)...I get here in time. My registration form said I was in Section A. I go to the room for section A but my name is not on the list outside the door. Hmmmm...So I go back down the elevator to look at the master list and I am now in Section B! I go to the room for Section B and BAM. Pop quiz worth 4% of our grade! MY SECTION didn't have a reading assignment yet. FOUR (4) PERCENT! Even my mathematically challenged brain knows that is half a LETTER GRADE!

I don't even have my friggin book yet since I am buying it from a classmate tomorrow night for $20 (saving $117)

I was soooooooooo not going to have a beer tonight but now it's guaranteed. And he is one of THOSE professors who likes to give you a 10 minute break in the middle of class so that he can keep us FOREVER!

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Magazine Madness

I have been asked how I scored free and almost free magazines this summer.

First, I found this site that offers lots of magazine subscriptions for $2. I got a few magazines here.

Then there is a fabulous site that allows you to earn points toward free magazines. lets you watch little video clips, commercials really, and you earn points for free magazines. It doesn't take a lot of time. I got Good Housekeeping and Popular Science here. They rotate the magazines so keep going back to see what they have to offer!

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Where Fish Balloons Go To Die

In an earlier post I was saddened to see that the Summer of 08 didn't last as long as the Oldest Boy's graduation balloon.

This is a balloon I bought for the Oldest's graduation, May 21st.

This is the same balloon on August 2nd.

I walked into the kitchen tonight and it hit me. The balloon has been dead for a LONG time. The ribbon was keeping it from it's proper place...floating to the surface!

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Summer Of Savings

Well, here is a recap of my Summer of Savings.

I have about 15 free thick, fluffy new bath towels courtesy of Bruno's.

I am stocked up on Colgate, Sure, All, Pert, Pro Vive, Scott Paper Towels, HP paper, Planter's Peanuts and my 3 freezers are full. (way too full!)

I have enough spiral bound notebooks to last through many years of school (wide and college ruled). My dining room table is also covered with packages of pens and mechanical pencils.

I scored 10 free entrees at Logan's. If you read about the Logan's saga.

I received a Free Value Meal at Captain D's.

Hubby is tired of listening to my free Juice Newton CD fron Zantac!

I love my Brad Paisley T-shirt from Hershey's.

I don't have to buy cat food again for a long, long, long time.

Law School exams are over, Public school started (in the middle of Law School exams)and I have been too busy to buy Sunday's paper, 2 WEEKS in a row. Law School starts again on Monday. Nice Break right?

I bought a ton of study guides for 5 classes and a textbook from a classmate for $100 (textbooks alone are around $125 each)

Ok, so my CVS spending this summer was $273.30, my savings was $534.88! I never used to even walk through the door of CVS except to get scripts filled! I have some Aqua Globes, a laptop workstation, a portable speaker and battery pack for the Youngest Boy. Garden flags, makeup, enough mascara to last me until I don't wear it anymore. I bought a cute freezable serving tray for 9 cents!

I saved money on everything The Oldest Boy needed for College.

I bought an Auburn Flag (War Eagle!) and a UAB (Go Blazers!) flag at Lowe's with my $10 off $25 coupons and I now have paint to finish the kitchen. (I'll get right on that!)

I have quite a few free, or nearly free, magazine subscriptions coming to me. Goodhousekeeping, Rachel Ray, Shape, Woman's Day, Saveur, Popular Science. There are a couple more but I can't remember what they are. It makes it really hard to buy from the neighborhood kids when they have their magazine sale for the school!

I got this fountain at Kroger with my $30 gift cards I won in the Dr. Pepper contest! It was on clearance for 50% off! I also saw Sex and the City with my free movie ticket from the same contest.

I was also able to donate more to charity. Things I bought or got for free that I didn't need myself went to my friend Terri's church. Glucerna snack shakes and a Glucose monitor for Diabetics! As soon as my dog food samples start rolling in, I will be giving them to a local shelter.

I have never been one to pay full price for anything so my savings will continue. I plan on doing MUCH better next summer!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thrift Store Bargains!

I love shopping at The Foundry, a thrift store in the area. Not only do I find neat things, they do great charity work. I take my donations there too.

I found an awesome Websters, 2nd Edition Dictionary. It's HUGE but has great character. Especially in a time where kids barely know what one is! It was a little pricey at $9.88 but I love it!

I found 2 Coach bags (vintage). I say vintage because they are the 'old' style without the Cs on them. I prefer those to the new bags. The reason why they cost so much and were so coveted was the thickness and quality of the leather. The small one was $3.88 and the teeny one was $1.98. You can't beat that!

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wendy's Contest

Twisted Lisa needs a Twisted Frosty!!!

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Bruno's Gas Tokens

Bruno's has a promotion going on right now for free GAS! Every time you spend $50, you will get a Gas Token (Catalina). Collect 8 of these and you will receive a $25 gas card.

I try not to shop at Bruno's because their prices tend to be higher on regular items. I usually shop the sales which can be quite good!

This morning I set out to see if it was $50 final cash out of pocket, or $50 before coupons.

My total was $54 before coupons. After coupons it was $42. The register spit out my Catalina. This gives me more of an incentive to shop there with my coupons. They also double up to 50 cents.

Bummer, I forgot to pick up my Sunday paper. My brain is always fried for about a week after finals.

Grades so far:
Criminal Procedure B
How To Start a Law Practice B
Corporations - who knows, I still know nothing, nor care about Corporations. Professor said we have to wait til grades are mailed.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Logan's Roadhouse Act II

My house phone rang this afternoon, which is weird because the Boys are not here this weekend. I didn't recognize the name but I felt compelled to answer.

me : Hello?
Voice : Hey Lisa
me : Hi...
Voice : I see you visited the restaurant.

AHHHHHH, now I recognize the name! The regional manager for Logan's.

He said that he was thinking about me today and decided to pay a visit to my Blog. I told him it must have been a "stirring in the Force." And I thought I was the only one who read it!

I felt bad...really bad...I am not's just kinda funny, though not to him and not to Logan's.

He is really a nice guy in a tough position, not being able to be at all locations at all times. He told me that he has been calling the location and randomly asking "are you out of anything?" And so far, so good.

Then WE went to Logan's.

It's like the battle that we are fighting with the local school system. Let's keep doing what we are doing because it works (or seems to). Legitimacy despite failure. It takes a strong person to demand change because most people resist change.

"Change is good, you go first."

He won't let me break the cycle. He is sending me some more coupons...and yes, I will use them. So let's call this Logan's Act II since it won't be The End.
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Funny Bunnies

I don't know what it is but the animals in my life have always been crazy, twisted perhaps! Is it because of me, nurture over nature? My first dog was a poodle. WinniePoo. Yes, I was like FOUR when I named him. Maybe he was crazy because he hated the name WinniePoo!

Buffy was my second dog who became surrogate mother to an injured baby mallard duck I brought home, Quacky. Ok, so I was 11.

Belle was our boxer who chewed up something belonging to the last person to leave her alone in the house.

Jezebelle was our boxer who was COMPLETELY INSANE.

Dixie, my pug, would bring me her dish when it was empty.

Venus and Luna, two very crazy cats.

Then we have the bunnies, Orbit and Star. Ok, so maybe I am not any better with names as an adult.

Orbit, the boy bunny, is seen here telling me that his food bowl s empty. It usually is in the hutch. When I went out to feed him, I noticed that it wasn't empty, it was filled with the bits of food that he doesn't CARE FOR.

Star is seen in her rabbit hole. She is getting ready for winter. Orbit, the male bunny thinks it's nonsense. He will probably freeze. Do you see a comparison to humans here??

He even looks perturbed!

The less desirable bits

The Good stuff

Star in her hole UNDER her hutch!

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Logan's Roadhouse (the end)

Well, I don't really know what to say but I will try. If you read Logan's Roadhouse Part I and Logan's Roadhouse Part II, you will understand why this is Logan's Roadhouse, The End.

We have not been going to Logan's as frequently. Honestly, twice since Logan's Part I. The first time was fine. However, on Thursday night 8/15 at 5:55pm it was back to the same routine. Instead of Logan's Roadhouse, they should change their name to "Sorry, we don't have it." Just toss those menus away and we'll just serve you what we want.

But really. I don't even know how to tell you what it was they ran out of Thursday night. Keep in mind you can walk to Wal-Mart at this particular location.

The Youngest Boy ordered the kid's meal Mac and Cheese with a baked potato, I ordered the 9 oz. Filet with mac and cheese (for the Youngest Boy's bottomless pit)and a baked potato. Hubby ordered Mesquite Grilled Salmon, salad with oil and vinegar, and a baked potato.

Okay, now guess.... What did the waitress come back and say they were out of when she brought the food to the table???????? (Don't try, it doesn't make sense)

She brings Hubby his salad, sets it down on the table and announces they are out of oil. Yes, you read it right. OIL. She instead offers him Balsamic Vinaigrette that she is holding in her hand. Now, if you have read my other blog posts, you will understand why this burns me up. Hubby said, "If you still have vinegar, I will just have that instead." Yes, they had's just that they ran out of OIL at 5:55 on a Thursday night.

I realized that I had told the regional manager that I would store his cell phone number in my phone and call him if they ever ran out of anything again. Unfortunately, I left my cell phone at home. Don't you feel naked when you do that?

But you know, we are stuck in a cycle we can't break. I let Logan's know about our experience, they send us free meals, we use the free meals, and then I have to tell them about our experience. Do you see where I am going with this?

Are we weird? Do we order things that no one else orders? French Fries? Tartar Sauce? Sautéed Mushrooms, Oil and Vinegar, and now just the OIL?

It's time for us to break the cycle. Or maybe, it's time Logan's bulldozed this location. They might be built on an ancient Indian site where they sent the insane Indians to die? It's very possible that they just can't help it.


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Thursday, August 14, 2008


I am in the middle of finals and I am having bargain withdrawals. I have one more final tomorrow night and I will be finished with this semester. Only 5 more semesters and then I get to start studying for the bar! Woo HOO! (insert sarcasm here)

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Monday, August 11, 2008


I called CVS customer care this afternoon after I witnessed another customer arguing with the manager about a BOGO coupon. The manager told me that they were not accepting the BOGO when it was BOGO on sale. "We have been turning people away all week."

Well, I don't think they will be turning me down in the future. I have a copy of their policy in my inbox and I will be printing it out. I have pasted it below.

The woman at CVS told me hat couponing has become a hobby for some. I thought, "A hobby?"

I considerate it more of an ADDICTION. After all, I forgot to get a sunday paper yesterday and I think I am having withdrawal symptoms!

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. I am in receipt of your email regarding the Buy 1 get 1 free offers at CVS. Following please find our coupon policy.

When using a Manufacturer’s Coupon you will receive both items at no charge. Depending on the item you may have to pay sales tax.

Our registers are set to allow 1 CVS coupon and 1 manufacturer coupon per item. CVS Extra Buck coupons are earned when you make a qualifying purchase. These print out instantly at the register upon reaching the threshold for the offer. Free coupons or “offers at the register” are unearned and issued to you as a valued member of the CVS/pharmacy Extra Care program. These coupons take the form of “open ended” coupons such as $3 off $15 or a certain dollar amount off a specific item. In any given transaction our registers will allow only one “open ended” coupon per transaction and more than one Extra Buck coupon provided the purchase threshold has been met for each offer amount on a per-transaction basis.

This should apply to ALL stores. They do have the right to limit the amount of items. As always the final decision is at the store managers discretion.

If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us and thank you for your patronage.



Customer Relations

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Sunday, August 10, 2008


I know I have joked about being treated like a criminal. Now I am not joking.

I found myself in Opelika today after dropping off some things that my son forgot to take with him. I thought, "Hey, I have my coupons, I need to go to Target, and it's right here on the left."

I went in for 2 things: Scotch Fur Fighter, Cranergy.

They didn't have the Fur Fighter so I ended up with 2 Cranergys. I had 4 coupons, 2 Manufacturer coupons and 2 Target coupons. I know you can already see the problem.

The young, little, blonde, cashier looked at all my coupons and had a meltdown. "You can only use 2."

While we are waiting for the manager to show up, an older man walks up and asks the cashier if he can open a package of underwear. She said, "Don't you know your size?"

"Yes, I know my size I want to see how long they are," he replied. (They were boxer briefs)

Cashier girl calls a manager on the radio since no one had shown up and asks her about the underwear. "Yes, he can open the package," says the voice in the radio.

Now she explains my problem. "This customer bought 2 things and she wants to use 4 coupons." (are you feeling my pain yet?)"She can only use 2," said the radio voice.

Blondie looks at me and I say, "Explain it to her using these EXACT words, she has 2 manufacturer coupons and 2 store coupons." She repeats what I said.

The voice over the radio says,"Oh, yeah, well scan them, have you tried to scan them? See if they will scan. She can use them."

Beep - $1.00
Beep - $1.00
Beep - $1.00
Beep - $1.00

"That will be $2.30," she said as she was punching the keys on her register. I get out the exact change and she turns around and motions for the Security Guard.

Yes, you read that right...the SECURITY GUARD.

She explains to him and shows him MY COUPONS. Now, I'M PISSED.


She looks at the security guard and he nods and she unlocks her register and says, "$2.30" I hand her the money, take my receipt and 2 "stolen" Cranergys and head straight for the door. On my way out I see a man with "Trainer" on his ID badge. I asked him if he was responsible for training the cashiers. He said he was and I pointed to Blondie and told him that he needs to train her again and show her the Target Coupon Policy. He apologizes and I head out the door to get back on the road to Hoover.

I promise, I start out nice. I smile. I ask, "How are you today?"
Do I look like a criminal?

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Walking out of CVS

I walked out of CVS today. I didn't buy a thing. The cashier and manager were harassing this poor woman over her coupons. It's the BOGO that taxes the CVS employee's brains, the outcome is not pretty. Smoke comes out of their ears, you can hear the gears grinding...and all this comes with a look on their face..."duuuuuhhhh".....and the scratching of their head.

I HAD to stop and say something. "CVS Corporate says you HAVE TO TAKE THESE COUPONS. You HAVE to."

The cashier said, "SHE (pointing to the manager, Rosalind is her name)won't let us accept these coupons."
Rosalind said, "We have turned away MANY customers with these coupons."

So I said, "You are supposed to accept them, I have called CVS and they said YOU HAVE TO."

She totally blew me off. She (Rosalind) is the woman who raises her finger to make you stop talking, like in kindergarten.

I left my full buggy in the middle of the floor and walked out. Monday morning I am calling CVS and I am going to find out who the regional manager is. I am going to insist on him/her calling me and I want an email explaining the CVS coupon policy. I will print it out and laminate it to carry with me at all times.

It shouldn't be this hard.

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A couple of years ago, I made a life altering decision. I proclaimed myself an orphan. This September will be my 2 year anniversary.

I turned off my laptop in class last night and turned it on when I got home. This is the screen that popped up. When I do something, I go all the way, even my files are 'orphaned'! I have never seen this screen in WinXP.

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