Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I blew up my blog. It all started like this, a comment on one of my posts that my Favicon wasn't working.

I took a look, DAMN. It wasn't working anymore. I spent WAAAAY too much time getting it to work when I set it up.

So I thought, maybe I need to upgrade FireFox. I tried it once but it was not coupon printing friendly. SO I went back to the 2.0 Version. I thought it had been enough time for them to work out the coupon issues so I went for it. Firefox Version 3.0

And it all went to Hell after that.

All my bookmarks were like a year old. None of the new stuff was there...NONE of the time sucking blogs that I LOVE TO READ...like EVERY DAY.

This WON'T DO, it won't DO AT ALL.

So, I googled the problem and attempted to fix it. What I ended up doing is deleting ALL THE BOOKMARKS I EVER HAD.

So I unistalled FireFox and did a System Restore.

I rebooted and installed FireFox 2.0 and clicked on it.

FIREFOX.EXE has encounted an error and must close. I did this like 12 times. Same message. So I ran FireFox in it's own Safe Mode (I discovered after Googling more)and it seemed to start up fine. AND MY BOOKMARKS WERE BACK! Automatic spel chek in browzers is NOT.

But it doesn't end there...

I tried to fix my Favicon...I lost my Head...I don't know where it went. I am talking about my HTML head as in< head> < /head > It was gone...poof.

So I thought, I will just upload another template...and I did. But I DID save a copy of the original template. I uploaded but got a message, you will lose all of your Widgets if you do this...so I googled, "saving widgets" as if they are on an endangered list.

And they were.

I did exactly what I read...

And all my widgets were GONE. And I HATED the template.

SO back to the original...

Only the Widgets were gone..all gone....totally gone.

I blew up my Blog.

I didn't fix the favicon, I didn't upgrade to FireFox 3.0, I didn't get spelchek bak, and I lost my blog. In addition to that, I spent WAY more time on the computer than I had planned today.

Here is my To Do List for today, the pink checks are what I got accomplished.

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Heather said...

Oh Lisa, I was the one that complained I couldn't see your favicon, so I feel totally responsible for the explosion (implosion?) of your blog! :( A thousand apologies.

FWIW, I did finally get myself hooked up with a reader (my blog surfing needed some organization, it was OUTTA CONTROL) and I'm now officially a follower of your blog, so you have NINE followers now!

Oh, and if you're looking for kewl templates that won't screw the pooch (to use one of my late grandfather's favorite expressions), LeeLou blog templates were the best ones I found in terms of ease and being seriously idiot-proof in terms of losing widgets and whatnot. LeeLou makes like a billion boxes for the sidebar of each template so you can't possibly lose anything. Seriously, I effed my template up several times playing around with various free blog templates to trick out my blog a few months back, and hers was seriously pain free. I've got her button on my sidebar if you want to check her stuff out..........

Once again, a thousand apologies (new ones, even, so you're up to an even 2 grand there now!)

Twisted Lisa said...

Oh Heather, stick around a little longer and you will soon see...it was not your fault. It's like a train wreck with me. One thing led to another led to another led to another and there I was...sitting there holding my smoldering laptop.

My real life friends know this scenario too well. I will check out the templates! Thanks!!!!

Jodi said...

I'm sorry your blog blew up. If you want an easy blog template place go to www dot the cutestblogontheblock dot com. All the templates are free. It is really easy to do until you figure out the problem.

First, you would need to switch your main template to minima. Then once you pick out a template you just add a gadget HTML and voila it is there. That is what I'm using.

Just a suggestion until you figure out what happened.

Good Luck!!!

Lipstick said...

Oh poor Twisted Lisa...I once tried to install Firefox and it was the biggest disaster. I'm sure Firefox is fab and it was user error, but it was a complete mess nonetheless.