Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baking and Smoking

And no, I'm not talking about marijuana. My friend Terri came over to bake for charity and I had to smoke ribs for the Alabama – Kentucky game on Saturday. I smoked 4 slabs of ribs and I'm giving two slabs to a co-worker.

It's always funny when we get together… we laugh at each other…and it's okay. We are like Lucy and Ethel. I think she would agree that I am Lucy, with all the trouble I get into. She tries to keep me out of trouble but is not very successful. Today, I stayed out of trouble.

We decided that it would be hysterical to have a webcast of our days of baking. The conversation is always funny but probably a little too ADD for most people to follow.

Terri made it home but her chocolate cake did not fare so well. She had to put on the brakes on the way home and "something" fell on it. I'm wondering if it was her mouth. But she did promise me a piece.

And here is the masterpiece I worked on while she was here.

Blue, the bear the Youngest Son won for me at the fair. He will be going with me to work tomorrow and also to the game.


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Jodi said...

You know it reminds me of a birthday party I went to. When the lights were out and my friend brought out the cake for our mutual friend...we sang and blew out the candles. When the lights went back on, there was a huge piece of cake missing. She made it earlier in the day & she couldn't resist waiting. LOL!

Terri said...

I did not eat it! A 5 lb bag of sugar fell on it, as did butter.