Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31st!

Halloween is over.

The trick-or-treaters went home around 9p.m.

Decorations are in the garage, waiting to be put up, and I have to re-decorate my blog. It's October 31st, and my 31st post of October.

Blog Material?

I got nothing.

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Legal Diva said...

Handwritten?!?! Ooohhhh... he is evil. :) We had a writing assignment last year as a final exam, and I would almost rather have that. I least I wouldn't have to memorize all this crap and hope I don't panic and forget on the spot. We start this tuesday with property, wednesday is evidence, next week tuesday is remedies, and next week wednesday is civil procedure... bleh. I think exams looming in the back of my mind ruined what little of halloween i could have enjoyed.

I just want to be done...

Heather said...

FWIW, I'm excited to see the blog redecoration... Are you staying with a seasonal theme, or what?

Jodi said...

Ooohh I wonder what theme is next....

Hope you are having a nice Saturday :)