Saturday, October 11, 2008

WTF??? Chase Credit Cards Suck

We have a Southwest Airlines Visa. We run EVERYTHING through this card and we pay it off EVERY month.

We have had it for 2 years and we have accumulated about 8 round-trip tickets to anywhere Southwest flies.

This was okay until last summer when we had 2 tickets to Hawaii reserved. That particular airline went bust and Southwest didn't honor the tickets...


Chase thinks we are crooks.

We order electronics online...our card gets put on hold...we go into Lowes and buy a Christmas decoration for the yard...put on hold.

With a credit score of 798, I expect my credit card to work.


We went bowling tonight, then went to Sonic. $21 at Sonic and the credit card was declined. "Suspicious Activity."

I had no idea that all the identity thieves in the world go Bowling and then stop at Sonic.

I think it's time to go Delta....

Any comments?

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Jodi said...

I had Chase once call me up because of Suspicious activity. It turned out they caught a fraud...someone at a gas station near my job copied down my number but didn't get the CCV Security code in the back. They saw that this person tried to buy music from a music download site, but didn't input the ccv number so they didn't authorize the charge. They also tried to donate money to a religious organization. Isn't that a tad hypocritical...'let's steal someone's credit card & try ot make a donation to a religious organization'. They too, declined it because they didn't have a CCV number. Chase called me up to let me know, we canceled the card. I had to go & put myself on a 'possible fraud victim' with the credit bureau to protect myself. I got a new card too.

Chase suggested to me & said it is a bad practice for people to give credit card for payment to gas stations and restaurants because they have to walk away with your card and have the means to copy the number on a swipe machine.

Hope this helps
Jodi :)

Twisted Lisa said...

I'm glad they caught your fraud before it turned into something bad. The thing that makes me mad is that this is probably the 5th time they have declined us and put a hold on our card, and there has NEVER been any fraud!

Zspot said...

You know its funny that they contacted you for suspicious activity for a $21 transaction and yet when someone got a hold of my business credit card number and proceeded to charge $6400 in one day on airline tickets from Mexico to China, I never received a call. The only time I became aware was one day when I went online to pay my bill and saw that my account had been charged past my credit limit. Now I deal with the headache of phone calls and fraud investigation because nobody at Chase was smart enough to spot someone in Mexico, while I reside in New Jersey, charging up thousands of dollars in airline tickets, none of which were even in my name. Both cases are ridiculous... but damn they need to get that straightened out.