Friday, October 17, 2008

Hello from El Paso!

I am blogging in El Paso. Hubby and I decided to throw a dart at the places Southwest flies and we ended up in El Paso. It's a neat city, with lots of nice people. We are going to tour a cemetery tomorrow and I hope to cross the border into Juarez too. I have never been to Mexico...

Conversation in shuttle van to hotel, 3 beautiful young women, makeup artists working for Loreal and us.

Woman 1: Where are you from?
Hubby: Can't you guess?
Woman 2: Carolinas?
Hubby: No, guess again.
Woman 3: I have been to Atlanta an you sound like Atlanta (they are from LA.)
Woman 2: Mississippi?
Hubby and ME: NO, that is an insult...(Alabama can always say, "at least we aren't Mississippi").

Then they begin talking amongst themselves and apparently one of them dated Gabriel Aubry before he impregnated Halle Berry...maybe we can get him on Twitter!

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Terri said...

He's so hot he doesn't need a name. I refer to him as "#3" or "Halle Berry Baby daddy".

Jodi said...

Ooohhh have fun in El Paso!!! Should be interesting.

Guess got another award girl...check out my blog 10/17 post. :)

Chris "The Ghost Guy ELP" said...

It was so fun meeting you all! I hope your vist was interesting? Did you ever make it to Juarez? As soon as my book is ready I will let you know because the both of you will be included! How was the Camino Real? Did you have any visitors? How about pictures?