Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Click....click......click.......A.D.D. and the Blog Reader

So I used to think I was just 'different' until I was diagnosed with ADD. Things made sense in my life, like my 'daydreaming' in class and bulldog type attitude.

There can be an up side to ADD, like the fantastic creativity and the fact that my brain never shuts down.

There is definitely a down side to ADD...like the fact that my brain never shuts down and I can't stay on task.

I have some friends who are ADD also...we have conversations and never complete ONE SINGLE TRAIN OF THOUGHT...it's more like a train wreck!

This is me when I pick up my laptop in the morning.

Email...ooh look what is on sale at Buy.com...click..click...

MSN (homepage) Madonna nand Guy, marriage in trouble...click...click

Alaska Senator Stevens found guilty, click...click

HappyHourSue, Haha! Click....click

Blogroll....this Blog then that Blog...then another...then another...then another....

Look at the clock.

Another day gone and nothing accomplished but I have another 20 blogs to follow.

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BacktoBarnwell said...

I've never been tested for it, but my brother has it. I self-diagnosed myself in college and medicated myself for it. Now, I'd just say I'm a multi-mulit-tasker.

Twisted Lisa said...

That's the part I have a problem with...the tasking. Wish I could get stuff done!

Legal Diva said...

My best friend swears I have it and self-medicate with coffee. I just blame it on the kids though. If they would quit asking me a million questions and demanding a million things I could probably focus on something long enough to finish it. :)

Oh- and how are your exam studying going?

Jennifer said...

I think I have it too.....tooo......toooooo.....

Jodi said...

It wouldn't surprise me though if I had it because I can go within 10 topics in a span of a few minutes on a telephone call. I find that if I don't say something right away I will forget it. I'm not sure if those are signs. I find myself wandering off in thought.

By the way, I'm like you...I'll find more and more blogs until my blogroll is as long as the page. LOL!

coreymom40 said...

yeah...I know I dug deep.

But, yeah.