Friday, October 3, 2008

The ugly side of SEC Football

Of course, you say, there is only one ugly side of SEC Football?

Well, here is my ugly side.

Last Saturday, Auburn was playing Tennessee. Let me just say that Tennessee is on the top of my list of most hated teams. Ever since 1984 when we watched the Wildcats stomp their asses in Knoxville. I was there, in person...and I was spit on. But we WON and it was the last time Kentucky has beaten them (but I can tell that this year is OUR year!)

So, Tennessee is the WORST. Saturday, Tennessee scores a touchdown and Peyton Manning calls for "2" on the sideline (as you can imagine, I despise the Mannings.)

So here I am, in my Auburn garb...and I am like "Yeah, go for 2, GO FOR 2!!"

The play bombs, they don't get 2 and I am happy.

The Youngest Boy comes upstairs...later.

Boy: Brandon thinks you're funny
Me: Yeah, How so?
Boy: Brandon came over today, he was in the basement with me.
Me: Yeah...
Boy: I went outside to throw something away and when I came back in, he was laughing.
Me: Uh-huh.
Boy: I asked him what he was laughing about and he said,"he was laughing at you."
Me (seeing where this is going) Yeeeeaaaah.
Boy: He said, "Your mom starting screaming and said, 'Take that Muther *ucker'"

And I was busted. Not the prettiest moment in my life...but hey, it's SEC Football!

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Trish said...

You HAVE to watch this. My Oldest Boy shared this with me.

I hate Tennessee, too.

Jodi said...

At least you can show your "passion" for the game..LOL!