Saturday, October 18, 2008

what's wrong with this picture?

We went to the Concordia Cemetery today. They had a history tour where people were dressed in period costumes and told us their stories. It was very interesting but the most fun part was the L & J Cafe right across the street from the cemetery.

It's supposed to be haunted.

I don't know about that but the food was INCREDIBLE! The Hotel where we are staying has the NERVE to place a scale in the bathroom, WTF? Who does that?

Anyway, here is the ad on the bathroom door of L & J you find it as funny as I do?

Mention L&J's the bar that served THESE!

We ran into some real 'ghosthunters' Chris is writing a book about paranormal ghost hunting in El Paso and we were 'interviewed'. He was so impressed to find out that we were staying in the Camino Real...he told me where to take pics where I might capture some orbs...I am sooooo there!

Scientific ghost hunting electronic stuff.

We ordered a cheeseburger and flan from room service and we will go take some pics and get to bed. We are hopping over to mexico in the morning!

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Chris "The Ghost Guy ELP" said...

I never even knew this existed! As soon as I figure this out I'll send photos maybe Ill just email them to you and you can post them!