Thursday, October 23, 2008

Come over to the Dark Side

So, Auburn lost...again. Go figure.

So Mr. Twisted said...after the bloodbath...

"What's the deal with Auburn?"


"Maybe it's time that you woke up and came over to the light. I know that you really bleed Crimson and White."

*sigh* (again)

"I am not coming over to the Dark Side...say what you want, Paul "Bear" Bryant made a deal with the Devil."

Does anyone have the Devil on Speed Dial? Tubbs needs to be fired and Satan needs to give us a new Head he gave Alabama Saban.

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Legal Diva said...

Mr. Diva bleeds Crimson. We had a rough few years... he finally feels like he can enjoy football again. I grew up by Notre Dame and never thought I could be an Alabama fan- but it grew on me. You could try it- you might enjoy it!

Twisted Lisa said...


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

My ex is a Tennessee fan... it brings me great joy right now.

Legal Diva said...

I got nothin for equity- we haven't had to take it yet. Unfortunately, I understand the prof problem completely. In civpro we get questions that are purposely written to confuse us- he admitted that! WTF kind of person does that!?!? So unkind...

and your verification elves are laughing at me- my word is placiass. Placate my ass? What?