Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Second Post Because it's that important to me

I just had a birthday, and sometimes birthdays make you think...who am I? Where did I come from? How did I become the person I am?

I am one of those people you hear about whose life is turned upside down in one instance. When I was 14 years old (it was Christmas Vacation for those who wonder why I hate Christmas) my grandfather told me that my 'dad' was not my real 'dad'.

This bit of information rocked my world...some things immediately made sense. Like why my little sister always got everything she wanted and I always felt like an outsider.

I was the outsider, the proverbial 'red-headed stepchild' and now I knew why I always felt that way.

When finally confronted with the fact that the truth was finally out, my mother did what she always did. Lie.

So here is the reason for this post. I don't know who my 'real' sperm donor is. It's not as important to me to find out about him (except for medical history) but I think it could answer so many questions about who I am. I could have brothers and sisters out there who are just as related to me as the one I grew up with. People I were never allowed to know due to the selfishness of my 'mother'. She wanted to pretend and forget her real life and make up one that she preferred instead.

It doesn't work that way, I wish it did.

Here is what I know:

When I was in my 30's (after years of asking) my mother finally produced a picture she had been promising. I cried...he looked just like the Oldest Boy and I thought "how could you keep this from me for all of these years?"

I was born in Duncan Oklahoma, on September 26, 1967. He was possibly in the military (Army) since that is the kind of man my mother tried to 'trap', remember the movie Officer and a Gentleman?

She said he was German, an Aunt told me he was Italian, he may have had to wear glasses.

She told me his name yet I could never find anyone IN THE WORLD with that name, living or dead, so one night I asked her to write it down. Still, no matches anywhere.

On the back of the photo it reads, "Brad, with love always"

Is it wrong for me to want to know?

Anyway, here is the info, I sent this to Troy Dunn but they haven't answered.

I want this to become the next internet 'hoax' only it's real.

Help me find out who he is, someone knows him. Leave me MANY comments so maybe Troy Dunn with think my case is worthy of his show.

Thanks for reading.

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Jodi said...

Lisa, keep writing girl. People are watching. I know you will be able to find him. I hope that man sees your story & helps you.

The Locator said...

Hi Lisa, I read your post the first time. I have already pointed some researchers towards it for review. You mentioned in your post you were hoping I would find your story "worthy". It is not about being worthy, it's just a matter of being solvable and logisticaly a good fit with production timing, etc. I believe all people are "worthy". If it were up to me, we would reunite everybody who was searching. But our resources don't stretch that far. (Even a 700 billion dollar bailout wouldn't cover it, LOL) Last week alone, I received over 12,000 emails through our various websites, not counting fedexes, snail mail, etc...
I can tell this means a lot to you and you are working hard to make it happen. With or without me, you are going to find closure, I can tell.
Keep the faith, continue to scour for information, especially focusing on the LAST name your mother gave you. I suggest looking into posting for some genealogical assistance at rootsweb.com (a division of ancestry.com) and focus on seeking other people with that surname.
If we are able to assist, we will reach out to you.
God bless you Lisa!

Troy Dunn
"The Locator"

Blessings From Above said...

Good luck with your search!

Twisted Lisa said...

Thanks so much Mr Dunn. Worthy was probably the wrong choice of words, I was really thinking, "novelty" by having it spread on a Blog and on Twitter.
I think everyone should be allowed to know who they are...(there should be laws against moms leaving birth certificates blank when they really know)!
The problem with this case is 1. Is my mom even being halfway honest about the name. 2. The name she wrote down does not exactly belong to anyone living or dead. (I like genealogy too, only I have half to work with!)
I will keep working, maybe someone will recognize the picture of him!!!

if i could escape (crunchiemummy) said...

What a powerful post you wrote. Your story bares many resemblences to my oldest brother. Maybe he should write to this Troy Dunn. Anyway, I truly hope you find your father. Good luck.

Heather said...

Lisa, another thought (from someone who was adopted and has done a bit of searching for biological relatives myself): try some of the adoption message boards. (Adoption.com is a big one, and there are others...) If you post your info in the "searching" forums, you never know who might see it and/or be able to help.

Good luck!